Wednesday, June 22, 2005

a trip to Brooklyn & COTW

First to Brooklyn and then to COTW! We are heading out on Friday for 15 hours on the road in to NYC. It should be fun. Here is the front of the card I made for Janice:

Then we are off to COTW the following Friday! Here is a pic of Nathaniel last year at COTW. He will have a blast and this time daddy and mommy will be there!!! Too much fun!
Hope you are having a wonderful summer. We will add some pictures and hopefully some video links for our next blog entry.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So what are we having???

Here are the images from our ultrasound this morning. I thought it would be nice to post them for the family to see. As you look at the determining picture remember it is not what you see but rather what you do not see!!! No name announcement yet but maybe soon or maybe not...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

A journey by two...

Over the last several months I have been searching through our pictures of the boys. What you see below is the fruit of my search. They are in parallel - month for month from birth to 1 year. You can see about mid-way through where they begin to part ways. They look a great deal a like until around the 6 month point when their personalities and physical differences become more pronounced.

My purpose in this was two fold: (1) Showing all of you the year in parallel and how much our boys look a like and how much they differ and (2) I wanted to go back and see for myself. They are growing so quickly. I have all the pictures from Janice's pregnancy with Nathaniel up until now on my computer which presents a unique opportunity to browse the past at any given moment. They are organized by year, month and date. It is a lot of fun. It is good to go back often to remind yourself of all the good times. Soon there will be three little cylinders in our engine making the car go even faster. As the blur of life increases remembering the captured memories will be even more important.

1st day: Nathaniel (left) and Benjamin are getting some love from the most beautiful mom of them all, my Janice.

1 month: Nathaniel (left) and Benjamin getting their first bathes.

2 months: Benjamin (left) and Nathaniel getting some sleep.

3 months: The infamous "who's who photo".

4 months: Nathaniel (top) and Benjamin just chillin' out.

5 months: Nathaniel (top) and Benjamin showing off the gums.

6 months: Benjamin (top) and Nathaniel in froo-froo and frogs.

7 months: Nathaniel (left) and Benjamin flirting with the camera.

8 months: Nathaniel (left) and Benjamin playing with balloons which they both really enjoyed when they were this age.

9 months: Benjamin (top) and Nathaniel crawling. Well, Nathaniel is crawling anyway.

10 months: Nathaniel (left) and Benjamin living in a box.

11 months: Benjamin (top) and Nathaniel illustrating that bald is indeed beautiful.

12 months: Benjamin (top) and Nathaniel enjoying their first birthday. Thoughtful and the entertainer. Two very different little boys. If you would like to have the full size versions of these images for better printing click here. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. Maybe I will continue this up through 2 years...hmmm... only time will tell. :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Let's aim for 2074!!

Although this is not about our kids I thought it was okay to add to the blog. This English couple has been married 80 years. They were married in 1925 and received a congratulations from Queen Elizabeth (who was born in 1926!). Here is a quote from Times Online:
The Queen today sent a card with her best wishes to a world record-breaking couple who are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary. She described the marriage of Percy Arrowsmith, 105, and his 100-year-old wife Florence as a "splendid achievement" and sent them "warm congratulations".
In 1994 when we were married Janice was 20 and I was 24 so we are now looking forward to year 2074 when I will be 105 and she 100. March of 2074, Nathaniel will be 71, Benjamin 69 and our newest addition will be 68.