Monday, February 19, 2007

A baby boy or baby girl? The winner is...

A baby...

Janice has granted my wish not to find out the sex of the next little Stewart (or Stewart little depending on your preference). I am elated. The majority of you are aware that Janice is pregnant but for those of you that are not our due date is July 6th which is also Janice's birthday. (It would be fun to wait one additional day too - 07/07/07.) Friday February 16th was the 20 week mark and we went to have an ultrasound.

The technician that ran the ultrasound knows the truth. Adhering to our request she took a picture of our little one, typed in her observation and printed the image. She then put it in a small manila envelope which I have now hidden. That way Janice does not "accidentally" find an "unfamiliar" manila envelope and open it. One must be careful not to unnecessarily tempt one's spouse!

It seems that our little one loves the camera (fitting nicely in to our camera crazy family). We saw lots of smiles and even what looked like laughter. We tried to include the clearest images here although I firmly believe that we as parents see these pictures for what they are and everyone else sees a new image from the Hubble Telescope.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Christmas in California (2006)

We spent Christmas at my sister and brother in law's home in La Jolla, California. It was definitely a California Christmas at 70 degrees, clear skies and a trip to the beach.

A view from her back patio on the second floor.

The grand parents (my folks) have arrived.

My niece getting a big kiss from grandpa.

My lovely ladies.

Morgan was amazing during the time we were in La Jolla. She watched over Joelle virtually every moment of the day. Joelle really enjoyed spending time with Morgan. (thank you Morgan!!)

Keeping Joelle from going up the stairs was an hourly routine. Micah stepped in on this occasion while Morgan made sure Joelle had some added support.

There were so many toys the kids were in heaven. Thomas the train captured Nathaniel and Ben's attention for much of Christmas day.

Christmas on the beach at La Jolla.

The water was just over 60 degrees but that did not stop the Christmas surfers or the kids!