Saturday, December 22, 2007

Atlanta to New York

This post is long over due and the process of getting to it has been equally as long. If you did not already know... I am now working in NYC while Janice and the kids are in Acworth, Georgia. As that may have taken some by surprise I will back up a bit to fill in the blanks.

Around the beginning of the year I officially took on a second set of responsibilities with Carter’s. The second job came from IT, as they needed assistance working on the Mac’s there at Carter’s. My original job was research, training, process development as well as filling a variety of technical needs for the Art and Design community at Carter’s. On the technical side I worked with IT to make sure the needs of the Art and Design teams were being considered and met. My work with IT often included trouble shooting computer issues and assisting in the roll out, training and install of new software. The additional job was just increasing a portion of my original job.

Two jobs are a lot of work but as I worked, IT watched and about mid-year I was asked if I would be interested in an IT position covering the NY offices. Now we can fast forward to the last week of November which was my last week working in Atlanta. It was hard to leave 9+ years of history but it culminated into a wonderful send off party and an extraordinary card (thanks guys!). I started this new position on Monday, December 3rd. I am working in Manhattan but take the bus in from Brooklyn where I am currently living. Janice and the kids are still in Atlanta. I will be in Atlanta for the holidays and will return to NY the first week of January. We will move everyone to NY as soon as possible.

It has been an amazing year, an amazing career really. Going from creating art to fixing computers – a rather odd progression which I am enjoying immensely. My desk is on the 6th floor of our OshKosh office in Manhattan (SoHo) office 625 Broadway in between Bleeker and E. Houston (pronounce that “House-ton”). So far the hardest part is not having Janice close nor getting to spend time with the kids. Although I do get phone calls, video chatting, pictures and even received a package. Here is a screen capture of one of our iChat conversations. The kids were soooo excited!

I will soon have pictures and maybe even some video of my NY experience but for now let me just say it has been a happy adventure so far.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!