Monday, December 29, 2008

When time stands still


As many of you may have heard we had quite a scare on Friday and I thought it would be helpful to recap the day here on the blog. Our house had been beleaguered with the plague for about a week. It skipped happily from child to child inciting an epic flow of bodily fluids. First Nathaniel then Benjamin and then Joelle and by the fourth kid, having used up it's potency, merely annoyed Evelyn with foul smelling diapers. With the boys it lasted 24 hours but it stuck with Joelle. For her this started on Wednesday night (Christmas Eve) and lasted until the day after Christmas. Joelle, Janice and I did not sleep more than 2 straight hours each night while tending to Joelle's "Coughing" (her word for vomit) and the changing of sheets, clothes and giving bathes.

Friday morning was blurry and forced. Joelle was tired and irritable. It was a late morning and breakfast became a warm oatmeal lunch. Joelle finished her bowl of oatmeal and a few cups of juice scowling and obviously not feeling well. I went to the kitchen and started cleaning the dishes when I heard a deep throated moaning sound that will echo in my memory forever. I turned to see Joelle stretching both arms in the air painfully leaning to one side with her eyes rolled back. I yelled to Janice and we ran over to Joelle. Janice unbuckled her and I lifted her out of her booster seat. She was rigid and shaking as if trying to move while being forcibly restrained. She was having a seizure. It lasted around 2 minutes but felt like hours culminating with blue lips, pale skin, rolled eyes, shallow breathing and a racing heart. It was terrifying. Janice immediately dialed 911 while I held my little girl and paced around the room with my ear at her chest monitoring her quiet breathing. Her eyes were loosely closed and body was limp with no response to any stimulus. The ambulance arrived about 15 minutes later allowing time to call our cousin who came to watch the kids and my sister in California. The prayer chain was started at our church and my sister's as I drove our van behind the ambulance. Janice and Joelle were inside.

Once at the Children's Medical Center in Albany, NY Joelle was rolled in and transfered to a bed in a hallway as we waited for a room. She was barely awake looking around her as if in a confused dream; looking at Janice and I as familiar strangers. The nurse took her vital signs and moved us to a room where Joelle fell asleep. At that point we entered the ER time zone where time endlessly passes by the room in green gowns and crying children but the clock on the wall never moves. Joelle slept. An IV was started and she slept some more. After examinations by ER nurses and doctors much talk of tests and more tests were floating through our heads as we waited for the Neurologist. As we waited something changed. Joelle was awake, more than awake she had returned to normal. She arrived listless around 1:15pm and 6 hours later she laughed. It was the awakening that comes after being sick and getting a long night of sleep. When you have nearly forgotten what it is like to be healthy. It was a quick transformation from dull to bright eyed that started about 6:30pm and peaked at 7pm the same time the Neurologist arrived. She found nothing remarkable in our recounting of the experience or during her test of Joelle's physical responses. The lab tests revealed some dehydration. Everything pointed to a febrile seizure with a combination of a fever and lack of electrolytes as the contributing factors. We were relieved and amazed to find out that it was not an uncommon occurrence in children from ages 6m-7 years old (1 in 25 children) but certainly not a frequent one. Although we do need to be a bit more careful whenever she has a cold but the odds are low that she will experience another seizure.

After we were issued a clean bill of health we were eventually discharged from the hospital and happily drove our little girl home. It was a long day and we all needed sleep. Saturday morning a bright eyed little girl crawled in bed with me and snuggled for a long time.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!

As a tradition our family reads the Christmas story on Christmas Eve. This year we purchased a Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set to add some props to the story. On Christmas Day I asked Nathaniel and Benjamin to tell me the story as they remembered it.

Merry Christmas from the Stewarts!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow....

I am a sunny west coast boy. When I was growing up you had to "go" to the snow. If the snow came to you there was always a quick glance to the horizon checking for an ominous set of horseman. Now I am a sunny west coast boy living in upstate Siberia wondering why I took that left turn at Albuquerque. I am learning quite a bit about winter. For example: I never knew I could walk on mud and not get muddy nor that snow can drift like sand dunes but feels nothing like sand when you drive over it. This weekend NY conducted a snow storm just for our family. It was a celebration of our first winter in NY. The week prior was a celebration in solid ice. They are pulling out all the stops for our arrival. So nice. Not that I mind the cold - winter snuggling is extended by a several months as is the consumption of Hot Chocolate. Our kids love the snow and dressing up like stuffed pillows before rolling, throwing and stacking every available flake. So I fully expect my son to move to the west coast when he gets married and wonder at the soft gritty dunes, far off snowy mountains and sneak a peak at the horizon when his neighbor wears shorts and a tank top on January 1st.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Joelle turns 3!

(click the picture above to see the whole set on

Joelle turned 3 last weekend. Amazing how time flies! We had a wonderful little celebration with family. Between our family and our NY cousins there are 7 kids - more than enough for a nice party. The day started with our traditional birthday donut and ended with a "dee-dah" birthday cake. Please enjoy the album of pictures we uploaded to flickr. If you feel like seeing the years pass by go here for a collection of all Joelle's birthdays.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Driving seasons

(click here for the rest of the pictures)

Winter was a bit overzealous this year and dumped a bunch of snow north of Greenville. Benjamin's preschool is 8 miles to our north in Rensselaerville, NY and after we left his school we drove around a took a few pictures. These last few days diving to Ben's school has been a bit surreal. It is kind of like driving through the seasons as they happen. Brilliant red and orange fall leaves give way to bare blue trees caked with snow in a single NY minute. Almost like a movie. If you want to see for yourself click here or on the picture above to see the Flickr album. Check them out if you have a chance. Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why do we rake?

"Are you done yet?" Nathaniel readies for the reply eyes focused on the slowly growing pile of leaves. This is the third anticipation filled plea. "No, not yet. So Nathaniel, why am I raking up the leaves?" Without hesitation he replies "So we can jump in them!" He seemed a little confused by the question.Why else would I be spending a beautiful fall day fighting the wind for a pile of leaves? I smiled.
That was a conversation Nathaniel and I had in October last year. We still lived in Atlanta with one lonely tree in the front yard. Things have not changed much although Nathaniel is now a bit more proactive and we have a few more trees. On Saturday Nathaniel suited up to take on the cold breeze outside. He wrapped up tight and then took me out to the garage to take down the rake. He had a plan.

I watched him off and on for about a half hour wrestling the wind for the leaves and dragging them in to a pile. He was determined. Benjamin was outside too climbing on the swing set in a happy struggle against the same nemesis. It was time for some help so I went out and Nathaniel gladly handed me the rake and then told me the rules. He wanted the pile REALLY big and explained that they could not jump in the leaves until Joelle came out too. So he ran to the house to let Janice know that Joelle needed to dress for the occasion. The video tells the rest of the story. Nathaniel even went in to get Janice and Evelyn. We played in the leaves for nearly 2 hours. Evelyn had no idea what the fuss was about. She did not take any real pleasure in a pile of dried leaves. At one point in the video you can see her pause and her tongue is searching the inside of her mouth. I think she got a bit of leaf in her mouth. Yuck.

We have a bunch of pictures too. Click here or the image below to see the set on Flickr.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bowling with the Boys

bowling 2008
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Benjamin was invited to a birthday party at a bowling alley for one of his friends from school. IT WAS FUN. We had so much fun that we forgot (gasp) to take pictures although we did get some video. Nathaniel has an amazing technique. Watch out PBA here comes a tiger. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

work in NYC

This is my office building in Soho (technically Noho but that is another story...)
OshKosh in on the 5th and 6th floors. The restaurant next door is pretty good.
(click here for NY Work set of pics)

NYC is a big busy place with more people than sidewalk cement. Going out to lunch during the week is more like going up stream and Saturdays are like a slow ice drift. It is more than a little crazy but always very interesting. I have been taking panoramics of older buildings as I walk to and from work. PhotoShop CS3 has a really cool function called "Photomerge". It"blends" multiple photographs together into panoramics. I will stand on a corner or out in the street (not always a good idea) and take several shots top to bottom and/or side to side of an interesting scene. I then pull them in to PhotoShop and create panoramics! So...since I have not had time to write about our family for the blog I thought I would show off some of NYC scenery. Click here to go to my NY Work set on flickr.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day 2008!

In honor of Labor Day I thought it appropriate to post some pictures of our kids having a blast at Lake Taghkanic State Park. It was a beautiful day when Janice, Willow and some friends from church all met at the state park to play at the playground and lake. Have a great day and I hope the pictures inspire you to go out and enjoy your holiday!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Nathaniel!!!


Happy 6th Brithday Nathaniel!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why should I pay for cable?

Once you have kids you realize you are living your own television reality show. Earlier this year Joelle would have gotten top credit. We would see her saunter in stage right while the camera jitters slightly above the distant couch following her to the refrigerator. We all chuckle anticipating the moment. She clunks the door open against the cabinets and begins searching for her breakfast. “Go-gurt ” is the first happy prize and it goes directly to her seat at the table.

Back to the fridge.

A tortilla gets the nod. The whole bag of 10 dangling from chubby fingers makes it to the table.

Back to the fridge.

Hmmm… She pauses at the fridge again. A half can of cat food in a clear plastic bag wags it’s way to the kitchen table. (At our house anything in a plastic sandwich bag is defined as a “car snack”.)

Satisfied with the provisions, Joelle then dutifully climbs in to her plastic red and blue booster seat, sits and begins her breakfast. Most of the tortilla disappears with the “Go-gurt” oozing down her chin in between bites. Joelle pauses to consider the feast carefully. The camera pans in close over the half eaten items laid out on the table lingering on the untouched can of cat food. We cringe awaiting the worst. Suddenly we hear a sound off camera. It’s that sound that sets off that red phone in every parent’s brain: liquid hitting the floor. The camera rushes over to catch Joelle carefully trying to pour a previously full gallon of milk in to a small cup on top of several open moving boxes. The camera follows the graceful waterfall down the boxes to a growing white pond pooling on the floor around Joelle's feet. Suddenly the camera jumps up to catch Joelle tilting the gallon of milk to her lips to take country style swig and of course she becomes the waterfall.

At this point more than 5 years ago (pre-children) I would sit smug on my couch and with grim certainty begin composing my parenting lecture. Now that I have children I simply sigh with the relief only a parent has when seeing another parent fighting the good fight. The grandparents smirk, inwardly vindicated, I told them: “Just you wait until you have a child of you own."

In reality only about 5 minutes have passed. The camera flips over to Janice in the next room grimacing as she disposes of a rather large diaper. An experienced parent can see her “mother radar” is blaring but so is our 8 month old Evelyn. She grabs Evelyn and follows the maternal warnings kitchen. She rounds the corner and finds Joelle chugging the milk. We now find out how to clearly pronounce “Joelle Elise Stewart” and some moderate discipline ensues. Then camera angles behind the kitchen table capturing the untouched cat food and contained laughter as Janice see it on the table. She turns to Joelle and explains (again) the predefined procedure for 2 year olds and meals (ask mommy or daddy). The episode fades to a preview of the next show: a quietly sleepy daddy with a giggling mini-Spiderman above him on the couch ready to pounce.

Why should I pay for cable?

Friday, July 25, 2008

to circus or not to circus...

When Nathaniel was very young we went to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily 3 ring Circus. It was in a huge stadium packed with thousands of people. It was like going to the Superbowl of circuses. Proud parents sauntered by with wide eyed toy encrusted children. The smell of popcorn and mounds of sticky pink or blue cotton candy screamed fun and happiness. We glided to our seats rapt in anticipation. Until the chaos started. It was like trying to keep track of 3 elementary school playgrounds full of kids all screaming "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, watch me!" In ring one horses prancing with bedazzled women dancing on their backs. In ring two a motor cycle zips around the inside a massive metal tea dispenser. In ring three an endless stream of fireman clowns squeeze out of a VW Bug painted like a fire truck in a bumbling effort to save another clown from her "burning" home. Once started the chaos refreshed itself every 10 minutes culminating in a final farewell. We were exhausted. I left disillusioned and pretty much finished with the circus. I vowed to never again go to a circus performance after spending more than $50 on "the greatest show on earth".

So when Janice called me about going to the circus in the next town my head started to spin. Before I could answer Janice did what only mommies can do... she lovingly handed me the argument with little red and yellow guilt sprinkles. "The kids are very excited. They saw some pictures on the computer and really want to go." Still dragging my feet she added my favorite topping - it was only $5 per person. So on I found myself following google maps to Cario, NY (pronounce that Karo) to see the Kelly Miller Circus.

It was a smallish affair with maybe 400 people at best and about 15 performers. In place of a huge stadium was a rather old red, yellow and black circus tent. We cut through the dust and humidity to find our seats on fold out aluminum bleachers just as the performance was starting. Instantly I was hooked. The performers were only 30 feet away in a single ring and you could tell they loved what they were doing. Every slip or stunt was met with a gasp, every stumbling clown with laughter and every finale with roaring applause. It was not the Superbowl of circuses it was something different. It was you and me putting on a costume at the family reunion, dad comically announcing the next act with grandpa and grandpa "cutting the rug" just like last year. That was a real circus so I recanted my vow of against the circus and can proudly say I would gladly go again (even without the guilt sprinkles on top).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation destination: HOME

(click here for gallery)

Going home is a vacation for me and here is proof. The quiet fields and cool breezes of Greenville are a stark contrast to the noisy streets and blustering subway landings of NYC. I love coming home. The gallery of Evelyn is adoreable although I do have a favorite (and it is not Evelyn).

The boys had a great time and I have some of the greatest BigWheel footage of all time! Well, maybe not all time but it has to be in the top 10.

Monday, July 14, 2008

final interview with the kids (part 3)

(if you cannot see the video click here)

Were any of you aware that our little Joelle could be that loud? She was having a blast. It was a wonderful time and we will all count the days until next year. Camp of the Woods is quite a blessing and we are fortunate to be able to enjoy it. (If you missed the "part 2" video click here)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

interview with the kids (part 2)

So should Janice try out for American Idol? Maybe they will have one for moms.

Friday, July 11, 2008

interview with the kids (part 1)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

What!? We have to go home?


We went on vacation to Camp of the Woods (insert applause here). It was wonderful, relaxing and down right painful when we realized we had to go back home. Check out their website if you are not familiar with or if you are interested in attending a week at camp. It really is a refreshing time. The daily speaker was John Guest and I attended a fascinating seminar on raising children in an increasingly sensual culture held by Kelly Brady (I have the CD's of both speakers if you want to borrow them). Listening to amazing speakers was about 10% of our time there. The placed is packed with activities for adults and kids of all ages. (crafts, miniature golf, canoeing, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, sailing, etc) And of course there is the beach. Benjamin could have stayed on the beach all week (we had to contact the US Embassy in China about the hole he created on day 5). The weather was beautiful and we took a BUNCH of pictures which is what I will leave with you. I am especially excited about the group of panoramic images I took of the lake view. It was a great time and I will put more pictures up as soon as I can.

Monday, June 16, 2008

2008 Father's Day

This was my Father's day. Very quiet comfortable and relaxed. A wonderful day. The video is primarily so everyone can see our kids and get to know a little bit about Evelyn being our newest addition. In a nutshell, it's a grandparents video. enjoy!

This is a new service I am using to show this video as google video is really eating up the quality of the image. Let me know what you think.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Working lunch...


Most of you know that my wife holds a very demanding job. She has 4 direct reports and they can be a challenge. Her senior staffer Nathaniel is usually involved in off-site meetings most of the day while the other 3 are working on various projects at the home office with Janice. The other day was interesting. Being a generous manager and knowing in particular that Benjamin had worked very late the night before, she prepared food for a working lunch. Evelyn ordered her usual vitamin enriched finger food, Joelle ordered a protein and berry sandwich on non-toasted wheat while Benjamin ordered the same substituting honey for the berries and requesting the addition of sun-dried grapes. They have quite the discerning tastes. Unfortunately Janice did not specifically ask about preparation. Tired, Benjamin made the assumption his sandwich would be seamless but instead received it in two equal halves. The outrage!

The savaged entrée stared at Benjamin and through red faced tears he stared sorrowfully back hopelessly wishing it to wholeness. He feebly tried to push the two sides together with no real success and then fell in to hysteria. Janice thoughtfully removed the sandwich from the table so he would not have to look at his misshapen meal. The hysteria increased exponentially apparently based on the distance between sandwich and Benjamin. It was at that point Janice had an epiphany. She quickly placed the sandwich back on the table in front of Benjamin, went to the supply cabinet and found some masking tape.

“What are you doing mommy?”

“I am fixing your sandwich Ben!"

"You can’t do that!”

“I just did, Ben.”

“But mommy, I can’t eat the tape!!!”

“Well then take the tape off and eat the sandwich.”

Benjamin slowly and carefully took the tape off and ate his protein, honey, sun-dried grape and wheat bread sandwich, complimented the chef and left the table to resume his daily responsibilities. Joelle sat agape and nonplussed while Evelyn vented her high pitched opinions in the usual indiscernible fashion. Working lunches are always so eventful.

Friday, May 30, 2008

earlier in May...


We are so blessed with our Wonder Woman Mother Janice. Four kids and energy to spare is still beyond my comprehension. If the responsibilities were switched it would be four kids sitting on top of a catatonic dad watching little Nemo for the 14th time. Thank you Janice the mom - you are an amazing woman.

Mother's Day was very relaxing and accompanied by some beautiful Spring weather. We took our traditional Mother's day picture (click here for a collection of previous years) and yes it has been altered in PhotoShop. The goal is 5 smiles not 3 smiles, a nose picker and an impromptu display of underwear - smiles and smiles only. I have been known to touch up snotty smiles, bruised smiles or scratched smiles. In the coming years I will deal with wrinkled smiles and "I really should exercise more" smiles.

Janice snapped quite a few pictures that day with no edits needed. Here is a link to all those pictures. The kids were having so much fun on the newly reconstructed swing set in the backyard (thanks for the help Edward). Life is good, busy, but good.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Birthday heroes


So far most of the boy’s birthdays have been superhero themes. Ben just turned 4 with Spiderman at his side and Nathaniel has done Superman for 3 years running. The celebration on the day of Ben’s birthday was a small affair with a donut and 4 candles for his morning breakfast. Nathaniel’s contribution was a 101.7 degree temperature with accompanying throw up. Our house was plagued and it seems that even our Superhero boy’s are susceptible. Fortunately we have lot’s of movies to keep them in a “restful” albeit mindless state. We did have a big Spiderman birthday a few days later – it was a lot of fun. (a link to pictures at the bottom of the page).

Ben now has 4 different types of Spiderman and Nathaniel 6 different Superman action figures (NO they are not dolls – Joelle has dolls! ACTION Figures!) We also have 2 Batmen, 1 Robin and a Wonder Woman action figures. We live epic lives at the Stewart house. Every moment of our day at the Stewart house is plagued by chaos minded, thick armed super villains and it is up to our boys to set them straight. If you watch closely enough you can see Nathaniel or Ben’s progression from mere mortal to superhero. Ben will be telling you about how he likes his breakfast when gradually his mood becomes distant; he senses evil and breaks in to superhero mode arms flailing and eyes darting around the room searching out the menace. Such a sudden transformation generally results in a milk tsunami or a cereal bowl explosion. This is the life of boys and subsequently the life of their Janitorial / EMT parents.

Nathaniel took it a step further and has given everyone in the family a superhero designation. Nathaniel is Superman. Ben is Spiderman. Joelle is Supergirl but for a short while was Lois Lane (then he found out Lois Lane did not have any super powers but was always in need of someone who did). Evelyn is Batgirl. His knowledge of superheroes is limited to what he sees in the stores and old 1940’s animated Superman movies. Mommy was Supergirl but later became Wonder Woman. I was Superman but have recently become the Hulk.

On some level my alter ego is a little alarming and slightly demeaning if you consider the Hulk’s rage induced power or his awe inspiring IQ. My wife a young, beautiful Amazon princess while I get to be the Jolly Green giant’s lesser brother. Not that I am bitter about it….Hulk SMASH keyboard…

Being the Hulk has some advantages. I can pick up and throw the children at any given moment without provocation. I can eat large amounts of food with reckless abandon and not be hindered by apologies at the release of gaseous emissions. Hmmm… Wait a minute! Maybe my dad was the first incredible Hulk?

With such a super family (you saw that coming) I have provided links to a super huge set of birthday pictures. It was a lot fun going through all the kid’s birthdays starting with Nathaniel in 2002. All together we have celebrated 15 super fun kid birthdays in 5 years (including their day of birth - did I mention it was super?). Here they are:

We are pretty slim on pictures of Craig and Janice birthdays:

Have a super day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Big MOVE...

It really is a wonder how we have accumulated so much stuff over the last 14 years. A move tends to make that crystal clear. Especially when carrying the box labeled "wedding gifts" down to the basement of the new house.

The move from Atlanta to New York went well. We had been packing for a couple months but only half the house was ready the week before the truck arrived. Before we had a chance to panic our friends stepped in and every day either watched the kids or packed boxes. Thank you to everyone that helped us move! For the actual move date I hired a local company called "Move it" to help pack the truck. They pulled up to the house at scheduled time of 9:30 am. They went to work straight away and worked non-stop for 6 hours. Layer upon layer, row upon row they packed it in from floor to ceiling and filled almost two thirds of a 53" moving truck. They even did lunch in shifts so to keep everyone working. They were simply amazing (Thanks for the tip Cory).

The day slipped by and after the movers were gone we hit the "leftovers" stage. At this stage everything begins to look like donations to the Salvation Army. Boxes are named differently during this stage. Earlier in the day a box label would read: "Kitchen towels, plates, bowls, cups, toothpicks, salt and pepper shakers" but now it was "Kit". Eventually the boxes were traded for clear bags full of whatever would fit in them. Fatigue had set in. Last on the truck was our Toyota Camry looking like an over packed dryer with clothes twisted and mashed against the windows. At 8:30 pm our material lives pulled down the cul de sac and started the 1000 mile trip to our new home in Greenville, New York.

We packed for a while longer and then found a local hotel. The following morning we went to Sears and had a car top carrier mounted on the roof rack of our Toyota Sienna. With the remaining odds and ends tucked away we started our trip. Our first stop was Chattanooga, TN where we had a wonderful breakfast with Janice's sister Sarah, her husband Jay and their children Caleb and Abigail. Our passenger list consisted of Janice, myself, 4 kids and a 14 year old cat. It took 3 days and 2 nights (yes with a 14 year old cat) to get to Greenville with an in between stop in Virginia to eat dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.

On unloading day the boys came to the house to help until they saw the snow. Well... Snow to us Southerners. It was a landscape of icy hills the residual of months of snowy weather that crunched under your feet. They played in it most of the day. (no pics - amazing as it sounds we left the camera at our cousins by accident). I was so pleased when the boys decided to help. We pilled them with more accolades than actual stuff. Their pride stretched from ear to ear as they carried what they could in to our new home. Thank you to Edward, Dominic and Uncle Doug for setting aside all those little boy sized things for them to move (thank you for all your help too!).

In 7 hours our new home was filled with 14 years of stuff and an old cat. Quite a move. A move does make clear what you have but also reminds you of what you are leaving behind. We will miss all of our great friends in Georgia! Thank you for everything and remember if you ever want to do some skiing or just play in the snow you have a place to stay.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The world moves faster on roller skates

The world moves faster on roller skates. Remember the first time you ventured out on the endless smooth surface of the roller skating rink? It was more like playing a twilight game of chicken on the highway than a fun loving social event. Music thundered from all sides, lights flashed and the right lane always had a pile of people inching their way around the rink. This would be an accurate description of our lives right now. Everything is moving or being readied to move and the totblogs has been left clinging awkwardly to the side wall.

So I thought I would use the old 1 to 1000 excuse again. But before we crank up the slide projector let me give you a brief outline of the coming month. We found a place to rent in Greenville, NY and will be moving in on March 1st. We will be filling the moving truck on Wednesday Feb 27th . So we have roughly 4 weeks to pack up all of our stuff...well Janice has 3 weeks to find time while watching 4 kids and I will have 1 week when I get in to Atlanta the night of February 19th (anyone who would like to help with anything - give us a call or reply to the totblogs email). Can you hear the disco music?

In the mean time here are some pictures to help everyone catch up. We had a wonderful Christmas and some pictures to verify that Atlanta had more snow in January than New York City!

click here for Christmas 2007

click here for snow in Atlanta