Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Big MOVE...

It really is a wonder how we have accumulated so much stuff over the last 14 years. A move tends to make that crystal clear. Especially when carrying the box labeled "wedding gifts" down to the basement of the new house.

The move from Atlanta to New York went well. We had been packing for a couple months but only half the house was ready the week before the truck arrived. Before we had a chance to panic our friends stepped in and every day either watched the kids or packed boxes. Thank you to everyone that helped us move! For the actual move date I hired a local company called "Move it" to help pack the truck. They pulled up to the house at scheduled time of 9:30 am. They went to work straight away and worked non-stop for 6 hours. Layer upon layer, row upon row they packed it in from floor to ceiling and filled almost two thirds of a 53" moving truck. They even did lunch in shifts so to keep everyone working. They were simply amazing (Thanks for the tip Cory).

The day slipped by and after the movers were gone we hit the "leftovers" stage. At this stage everything begins to look like donations to the Salvation Army. Boxes are named differently during this stage. Earlier in the day a box label would read: "Kitchen towels, plates, bowls, cups, toothpicks, salt and pepper shakers" but now it was "Kit". Eventually the boxes were traded for clear bags full of whatever would fit in them. Fatigue had set in. Last on the truck was our Toyota Camry looking like an over packed dryer with clothes twisted and mashed against the windows. At 8:30 pm our material lives pulled down the cul de sac and started the 1000 mile trip to our new home in Greenville, New York.

We packed for a while longer and then found a local hotel. The following morning we went to Sears and had a car top carrier mounted on the roof rack of our Toyota Sienna. With the remaining odds and ends tucked away we started our trip. Our first stop was Chattanooga, TN where we had a wonderful breakfast with Janice's sister Sarah, her husband Jay and their children Caleb and Abigail. Our passenger list consisted of Janice, myself, 4 kids and a 14 year old cat. It took 3 days and 2 nights (yes with a 14 year old cat) to get to Greenville with an in between stop in Virginia to eat dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.

On unloading day the boys came to the house to help until they saw the snow. Well... Snow to us Southerners. It was a landscape of icy hills the residual of months of snowy weather that crunched under your feet. They played in it most of the day. (no pics - amazing as it sounds we left the camera at our cousins by accident). I was so pleased when the boys decided to help. We pilled them with more accolades than actual stuff. Their pride stretched from ear to ear as they carried what they could in to our new home. Thank you to Edward, Dominic and Uncle Doug for setting aside all those little boy sized things for them to move (thank you for all your help too!).

In 7 hours our new home was filled with 14 years of stuff and an old cat. Quite a move. A move does make clear what you have but also reminds you of what you are leaving behind. We will miss all of our great friends in Georgia! Thank you for everything and remember if you ever want to do some skiing or just play in the snow you have a place to stay.