Friday, August 14, 2009

Doing the dog paddle...

It has been a while since I posted anything on the family. The schedule has been crazy and winning lottery tickets have been more plentiful than sleep. Babies do that to life. It is like being in a cove at high tide they cover the land with a slow even paces filling in all the open spaces until you are surrounded. You either sink or swim at that point. Needless to say we are all a bit water logged. A number of things have passed unannounced so again I will have to use pictures as my voice.

Evelyn turned 2 (pic on the left - click here for set). I have no idea how this happened. I mean really. Where did the time go? One day she was born and now she is two. As far as I am concerned that is how it happened. So just to make sure I started digging through the more than 100K pictures we have stored away. Janice assured me, but I needed proof. I found them and also found out I was a little older than I thought too. Anyway, there she is at age one ( picture on the right - click here for set). She has grown a lot and I really believe she thinks Joshua was an early birthday present. She checks on him constantly loudly reporting all his needs to Janice. Given the opportunity she smothers him in Evelyn style loving which consists of a either a full body hug while he is in the swing or wedging herself in with him in his bassinet.

Janice had another birthday too. (pic on left - click here for set) She, on the other hand, knows that Joshua was an early birthday gift. She is doing well and keeping up with the new schedule nicely. In searching for Evelyn's pictures I found her birthday pictures from last year. She ages nicely (pic on right - click here for the set). And, as stated by her shirt, she is definitely "super mom" with 5 kids at home.

The kids have been really enjoying our newest addition. Nathaniel asked when he would be walking. I think he was hoping for this summer. He enjoys being the senior-most brother and holding Joshua without any assistance is his badge of authority. He also prides himself on being able to make Joshua smile. Benjamin has been a protector to Joshua making sure that Evelyn does not over load his circuits with an excess of loving as well as keeping him entertained with new toys. Joelle has been the proper little mommy. She will sit in front of his swing and rock him back and forth while holding his pacifier in his mouth when needed. She also keeps Janice informed on Joshua's present and potential needs. As always it is a family effort. (see more kid pictures here)


So life is crazy but we are all pretty good swimmers. Our family, friends and our church has jumped in the water with us too which has made life even better than before. The L-rd has truly blessed our family. Come on over and enjoy the fun. Just make sure to bring your bathing suit.

P.S. Another post and more pictures very soon...