Friday, September 30, 2005

moving is rather moving

Yesterday about 2 o'clock we got a call from Ryder. Apparently the folks at Ryder did not actually confirm our confirmation. We called about a week and a half ago and they confirmed that we would have a truck but that our order had not come through on their computer. They went on to assure us that all would be well and not to worry. Fast forward to yesterday when some guy calls me saying "We thought we would give you some advance notice and let you know that we do not have a truck for you tomorrow." I think someone at the corporate level there at Ryder should send out a memo as to what "Advanced Notice" really means. On the last Thursday of the month, calling someone 4 hours until all the other truck companies close their shops is not really advanced notice.

Nonetheless we got hold of Ryder through their 800 number and they directed us to someone here locally who assured us a truck would be available Friday morning and to call him at 8 am. This morning we called and the lady at the counter explained that the guy we spoke to never shows up before 9am. Memo about what the numbers on the clock really mean. Just after 9 we called the guy and he assured us a truck would come in to his shop today.

He called us back. A truck came Jonesborrow, GA about 40 miles away. Memo concerning the size and boundaries of one's shop. So we now have a truck that we will go and pick up today by noon. So far problem solved - we shall see.

Personal memo, next move - hire movers.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


We are truly living in boxes! Our home is now about 90% packed in boxes with the balance being the kitchen. Ugh!!! We are tired of boxes but the boys love it! (and so do the cats) Also an update on Janice and the baby - she is head down and LOW! We are officially 6 weeks out and this would be when Benjamin was born. The mid-wife has requested that Janice take it easy. Hmmmm... Maybe we should pack the boys in boxes! :) Please pray that all goes well and that our volunteers are ready and able. We close Wednesday afternoon and begin moving on Friday evening. We move the storage unit first and then Saturday morning the apartment will be moved. It will be a lot of work but the pay off is well worth it. Well got to get back to packing. Where is Nathaniel...hmmm.... :)

Monday, September 19, 2005


We are moving soon!!! Keep us in your prayers (thanks!). Also of note... if this pregnancy ran on the same schedule that Ben used then we would have a new little girl on October 1st which would be 6 weeks early (34 weeks). We are praying that our little girl stays packed for a little while longer so we can have the house unpacked first!!! Only the Lord knows... :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

We have an announcement!

"We have an announcement!"
"Other than being pregnant?" You might ask.
"We are moving!" we shout!!!
"Hoooray!!!!!," you would say "the Stewart's in NY after all that searching!!!"
Well no, at least not yet anyway. But we do have a new plan of attack which I will go through later. For now the sunny south will keep us a little bit longer. About 2-3 years longer.

We are going to stay here in Atlanta and I am going to go to school. Since we are staying in Georgia a little longer we have purchased a home. The contract is final. The inspection is complete and we are set to move in on October 1st. Our baby is set to arrive around the 2nd week of October (according to the doctor's prediction) so time is short and life is crazy!

We are moving in to a neighborhood that has a number of amenities including a lake, a pool and a great playground. It is also close to a number of our friends from church. Janice and the boys will certainly enjoy their time there during the day. We are very excited!

Another announcement is in order - I got a promotion at Carter's!!! I now have a wonderfully ambiguous title "Technical Coordinator/Trainer" and I report to the Art Dept but work with IT (the computer folks at Carter's). The primary functions of this job are to train the Art and Design folks as well as research new software for Carter's. It is something I have been doing for the Carter's Art and Design Department since I started and they decided to have me do it full time!

That brings me back to NY... We now have a new plan of attack. I am going to build experience through my promotion which will be a nice addition to the resume. I am also going to head back to school. Currently, Georgia State University is where I would attend since it is just down the street from where I work. The major is still up in the air but will have something to do with software (possibly video or web applications). Still working out my options on that. Once I complete a degree I can teach which gives me yet another option when trying to move to NY.

Below are some pictures of the house. It is a four bedroom, 2 story job in a cul de sac. It has a great back and front yard too. It will accommodate all of us and give Janice that opportunity to start painting again - which she is VERY excited about. The boys will go in one room, the little girl in another, a studio/office in the third which leaves the master bedroom for the parents. Below are some pictures of our new home which we took around the time of the inspection. Enjoy