Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Evelyn's Big Day


Big family occasions are a lot of work - especially with four kids - but there are times when it seems like you have all your bases covered. Usually the mirage fades amidst a sploosh of milk on freshly ironed clothes or the crash upstairs on the opposite side of the house from where your child is said to be brushing his teeth. Sunday was a mirage day. There I was standing at the front of the sanctuary in a state of bliss. Our friend Ryan had and knew how to operate the video camera. His wife Cheryl panned the sanctuary planning shots and testing angles with the digital camera while the church filled with people. In the pew beside me, mom and dad each smiled that grandparent smile which generally precedes a wallet full of pictures. Glazed with a happy grin I leaned back against the pew in front of me and took in the moment. It was Evelyn's dedication. Friends and family celebrating and affirming the joy of raising a child. My child. My Evelyn.

But for a moment the mirage wavered and I noticed something - no Evelyn. The pastor made his way to the front. No Evelyn. The room settled down to a thin quiet moment and Cheryl leans over and whispers "Did you notice that the dedication happens first?" The mirage wisps away as I rush down the side isle and out the door.

I found Evelyn with Janice in the nursery. In the brief moments allotted between Sunday school and church Evelyn had nursed, napped and was nearly dressed. Our little princess had three attendants quickly dressing her for the special day. One tying the bonnet, one slipping on socks and mommy buttoning her slip. She smiled and cooed at each compliment. I announced "We're up after announcements!" and was handed Evelyn. A final "She's so adorable" followed us down the hallway as we rushed away.

All was good again. We just needed to wait to be called up to the front and the dedication would begin. The doors in to the sanctuary were closed as we approached and one of the ushers opened the doors for us and smiled. Back in my glazed state of mind I offered a proud-dad-look-at-my-beautiful-wife-and-daughter smile back to him. Then he ushered us down the isle. At that point I should have noticed that there was a violation in basic ushering rules - only take people down the isle when everyone is standing and/or singing. Everyone was sitting and staring at us - which should have been my second clue. I flashed my glazed smile at someone and then noticed the pastor was making his way down from the pulpit. Suddenly I realized the dedication had begun and I was the only one in the church that did not know it.

Fortunately everyone else knew exactly what was going on and the dedication went really well. Below is a video of the dedication (or you can click here if you do not see it). Although it does not capture my moment of confusion it does show the dedication which includes a cute conversation between our pastor and Nathaniel.

After church we had a relaxing lunch at Bugaboo's and later a quiet afternoon and evening at home just enjoying a cool fall day. Everyone played, Grandpa took a nap, the weather was fine, no mirage necessary just joy, most notably Evelyn Joy.

Click here to see all the pictures from the dedication:

Click here to see the movie of the dedication:

Monday, October 08, 2007

Our Backyard Ballerina

We gave Joelle the chance to try on a costume over the weekend which produced very interesting and exceptionally cute results.

IMG_7657 copy03.jpg

IMG_7648 copy02.jpg

IMG_7576 copy04.jpg

IMG_7573 copy07.jpg

IMG_7574 copy08.jpg

Nathaniel did some posing too - he dressed up as Clark Kent (notice the cape coming out from under the button down shirt).