Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween night...

It is a little know fact that Superman actually works at Carter's in Atlanta, Georgia. He sits at the desk behind me. Nice guy - a little heavy on the hair gel though. Nathaniel was happy to pose with him and even gave him some words of advice. Superman was very pleased.

The boys and I went Trick or Treating. The candy was received with wide eyed wonder and a barely audible "tank-you". We had a great time.

Getting ready to head out to get candy.

Mommy and the 3 little ones.

Nathaniel is considering the many things that can be done with a pumpkin flash light. Ben is thinking about the many things Nathaniel might do with the pumpkin flash light.

Is it candy time yet????

And this one and this one and this one....

Hmmmm... which end do I eat?

Oh, and by the way, no baby but a very ready mommy. The doctor's appointment today has Janice at 2 centimeters and the baby as low as she can go. We are excited and anticipating a new addition very very soon!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Nathaniel!

Okay now you know. Nathaniel is Superboy! We received the outfit Thursday night and he was soooo excited. He put the outfit on immediately. Nathaniel is pictured above showing his muscles and growling with power [you can tell - yes?].

We have watched some really old Superman cartoons that Janice picked up on DVD a couple years ago. Since then he has frequently asked to have his blanket made in to a cape and he flies around the house. Most superheros do not have crocheted capes in white and light blue - so we ordered a more appropriate costume on eBay. (We are told that is where most superheros find their super clothing at a decent price.) Fortunately we have a super ebayer in the family as well [thank you Uncle Jeff!!!!] - who received a phone call about the new super suit in between flights around the house.

As to his soon to arrive sister - our Superboy has informed us that he will consider saving her when she is in trouble assuming she is not too much of a pest. [Sisters can be that way - Superdad, Superuncle and SuperGreatuncle(s) all have a great deal of knowledge in these matters and are currently nodding their heads in solemn agreement.]

We must be off to bed - as superparents we need our super sleep. [Ben will be tomorrow night!] Goodnight - and turn your clocks back! :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Not yet but thanks for asking...

Janice looks absolutely beautiful. She is a couple days into her 38th week and no baby yet. Janice went to her weekly appointment today and all is well. Our little girl is predicted to be bigger than our other babies - Nathaniel was 7 lbs 13 ozs. She is low and ready to go. Janice has felt contractions on a number of occasions but nothing that can be timed for more than a couple hours. This little girl is taking her time compared to Nathaniel and especially Ben. She is technically not due until Nov 7th but about 2 months ago measured for Oct 28th. Only time will tell and of course it is a ladies prerogative to make an entrance.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

All fired up and ready to go...

We are all fired up and ready to go to the hospital!!!!
  • baby room - check!
  • bags packed for the hospital - check!
  • friends taking care of the boys on high alert - check!
  • boys aware that they will be staying with friends - check!
  • cat aware he will be set even lower in priority than he is now - check!
  • cel. phones powered up and permanently attached to parents - check!
  • digital camera / video camera powered up with have memory / film - check!
  • baby is aware that we are waiting on her - ????
We have been told that having baby number three is somewhat like playing baseball. After arrival at the hospital the doctor just waits with a catcher's mit. We shall see. The biggest concern is logistics. Janice is in Acworth. Craig is in Mid-town Atlanta - 26 miles from Janice. Friends are in Marietta - 10 miles from Janice. Hospital is 30 miles from Janice. IF Janice calls me at 4:00pm or later then NASCAR here I come! Maybe it will be a midnight affair and our friends will get two little boys, wide awake, at 2am. Only the L-rd knows what will happen and all is good. So for the moment - we wait.

All indications are that we will have this baby soon. The baby dropped a couple weeks ago and Janice was dilated one centimeter on Friday. Your prayers are appreciated... We will post the announcement as soon as we are able. :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I thought it would be nice to let you know that we made it! We moved all our stuff and are now living in a maze of boxes. We are thinking to help fund our move we will add some ghosts and pumpkins to the boxes and then charge admission...hmmmm...maybe not! :)

Our new address and phone:
2127 Sugar Maple Lane
Acworth, Georgia


Thank you to those who were able to assist us in the move! You did great! I will probably post a more thorough recap of the move later. Gotta get back to work!