Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ben's first Hair cut

Here is Ben during his first hair cut in our kitchen by the world famous hair artist Janeece. When you see the video you will realize that Ben believes a hair cut to be a gymnastic sport. Maybe he sees some foreign judges intently watching every combination of moves and theatrics. USA 10, France 10, Sweden 10, China 10, Norway 10, Germany 11 and an Academy Award for best Comedic Performance with Atomizer. If you want to really experience cutting Ben's hair then do this (1) Place an empty catchup bottle on the kitchen table, (2) Spin around in place 50 times fast and then (3) immediately after spinning try to put a dime through the narrow opening of the bottle. Janice is amazing.

Never would such a colossal task been completed without the assistance and sacrifice of Nathaniel. As you can plainly see above he did at one point possess the atomizer but gave it away to help pacify his younger sibling. He also maintained a production line style of dispensing jelly beans in to Ben's mouth. 1 for Ben and 2 for Nathaniel at regular intervals. Nathaniel was (and is) a great helper! Ben looks rather handsome don't you think.

If you want to see the movie click here. (If the movie does not work go here to download and install the latest version of Quicktime.)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wanna be in Pictures...

Still working on the "Ben's first Haircut" movie but thought it would be nice to put up some attempted Christmas photos. Getting these guys all to look, smile and stay still is a bunch of work. These pictures were all taken by Janice by herself at home. Amazing! We will try again this weekend. I think we may be sending out a Happy New Year card? Hmm only time will tell.

Not all of these photos are in focus but I thought they really captured the personality of our little ones. Enjoy!

"It's okay Joelle. It's okay."

Joelle - "Are we sure I am related to these guys?"

"Put the camera down or I tickle the little girl."


Boys will be boys.

Nathaniel has very ticklish feet.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bathing Beauty!

At 23 days old this was Joelle's initial response as soon as she was placed in her FIRST bath. She was NOT happy with the idea - not one bit. She loudly declared her opinion of the whole affair. We have several minutes of video for which I will have to do some audio editing or the viewer will most certainly get a headache. But then there was a change....

If you look at the left had side of this image you will see pouring water. We found something out - we do not have a simple bath girl we have a Pampered Bath Girl. Once there was warm water continuously filling the tub and pouring on her body she was in heaven. She just sat there and soaked. You can see it in her expression. She just sat back and enjoyed the experience. [note to self - save for ever increasing water and heating bills]

More pictures to come... Today is a full day! Christmas pictures and Ben gets his FIRST hair cut. Possibly some video from that!