Friday, February 24, 2006

third person...

This is a short post but I thought I would tell the story... Nathaniel is going through the transition from speaking in 3rd person to 1st person. A friend was watching Nathaniel and Ben for us last week and decided to assist in the teaching process. She explained that when he referred to himself he was to use the pronoun "I". Repeating things like "I would like to go outside, please.", "I like cookies." and "I want that dumptruck.". Nathaniel listened intently and seemed to understand so he made his first attempt: "I, Nathaniel, want juice!".

We have contacted someone at Buckingham Palace to see if they could instate Nathaniel as a King of something. It certainly would match his new approach to grammer. :) Had we known then we would have used this for potty training?

More later - have a great day!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Something about hats

Joelle does look glamorous in this hat especially against such a plush background. I have this picture as my desktop image at work and it always inspires a pause in conversation accompanied by a smiling "Awwww." Kudos to Janice for taking such a wonderful picture.

Here is the sweet cuddly baby look. Look at those eyes - how is daddy ever to escape them.

Good try Ben but Joelle's bonnet , albeit denim, is not a good addition to your wardrobe. Can you tell that we like Superman at the Stewart house? Currently mommy is Lois, daddy shifts between "Big Superman" and bad guy (what!?), Ben is Batman (or "Little" Superman) and Nathaniel is Superman. Joelle has not yet found her role in the super hero saga. Ansel is just a grumpy old 19 pound cat that Superman studies from a distance. [Have you watched the Superman Returns trailer yet? click here to see it!]

Always finish with a smile. More later. I hope to get another video up so everyone can see and hear Joelle talking. She is just wonderful and the boys think so too!