Saturday, July 29, 2006


Vacation Part 2: The weather at Camp of the Woods (COTW) in the Adirondack mountains was very cool with a slight breeze. Rain clattered afternoons gave way to slightly chilled nights. Unfortunately the much anticipated beach had been swallowed up by the forceful rains and swollen rivers. It made for the kind of scenery that suggested you keep your eyes out for animals passing by in groups of two. During the dry times the boys played outside until the mosquitoes bothered them back on to the screened in porch. They especially enjoyed a short ride or two on Uncle Jeff's motorcycle a Suzki Hayabusa; a sleek and quiet machine that purred as it moved. Even parked, leaning against the kick stand it was like watching a thoroughbred leaning in to the gate. The boys would sit on the bike, rumble with their heads low, eyes wild ahead and hands on the grips - ready for speed. Great bike Jeff!

Our time at Speculator was filled with Uncles and Great Uncles, cousins and second cousins, grandmas, grandpas and Great grandmas. All with insatiable cameras clicking away at each minute that passed. We went on walks and boat rides, saw fireworks, sunspots (thanks to Uncle Doug's telescopes) and even a trash can with evidence of a hungry bear hug. There was so much to see that the boys generally had a hard time closing their eyes at night. Fortunately an image is worth at least a thousand words and our camera got quiet a belly full too. So for a more thorough explanation of our vacation at COTW I will direct you to the novel of images above.

We decided to cut our time a bit short this year as we wanted to follow Grandma and Grandpa Batdorff down to DC. It was an extraordinary Adirondak bright blue, clear and crisp day greeted me as I packed our car to leave. Every year on the day we leave the weather is perfect. It is like an unexpected parting gift serving as another reminder of why we came. After a flurry of pictures, smiles and hugs we folded ourselves into the car and we drove away hands waving at Great Grandma Faust smiling but a bit somber. One more stop to make before driving in to DC: Greenville, NY.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Over the river and through the woods...

Our Vacation (part 1): It was a long drive that added 2,500 miles to the odometer. It was a landmark trip as the boys officially started the ever so much fun on a car trip "He's looking at me" routine. Joelle joined in by curiously clutching at Nathaniel's arm which introduced act 2: the "She's touching me." routine. The topic of a larger vehicle was discussed rather thoroughly as we car shopped on the highway. It is well worth noting that Janice the amazing packed all 5 duffel bags small enough that I was able to also fit a pack-n-play, toy bag, diapers, food bags, stroller, 3 diaper bags with an assortment of odds and ends in to our little 2000 Toyota Camry. If someone had sneezed I am certain the car would have popped open scattering diapers, underwear and stale Cheerios all over the road.

Over all the kids were great, well great in the sense that they were not bad but not so great as far as feeling good. Ben announced rather noisly that he was not feeling well a fact that was confirmed by a 104.5 degree temperature. I now really appreciate the blue H signs on the road. After Tylenol his temperature went down to 98.7 and off we went. A follow up in DC diagnosed strep throat which precipitated an unexpected quiet day for Ben and I. Thursday afternoon we drove to Great Grandma Faust's in Whiting, NJ. Janice and Joelle visited Great Grandma and Grandpa Sterner Friday morning. Later that evening Nathaniel joined them for dinner at Friendly's Ice Cream Parlor. I just relaxed and watched movies as Ben slept from 1:30pm until 9:30pm. The following day we restuffed the car and were off to the Adirondacks and COTW.