Sunday, January 27, 2008

The world moves faster on roller skates

The world moves faster on roller skates. Remember the first time you ventured out on the endless smooth surface of the roller skating rink? It was more like playing a twilight game of chicken on the highway than a fun loving social event. Music thundered from all sides, lights flashed and the right lane always had a pile of people inching their way around the rink. This would be an accurate description of our lives right now. Everything is moving or being readied to move and the totblogs has been left clinging awkwardly to the side wall.

So I thought I would use the old 1 to 1000 excuse again. But before we crank up the slide projector let me give you a brief outline of the coming month. We found a place to rent in Greenville, NY and will be moving in on March 1st. We will be filling the moving truck on Wednesday Feb 27th . So we have roughly 4 weeks to pack up all of our stuff...well Janice has 3 weeks to find time while watching 4 kids and I will have 1 week when I get in to Atlanta the night of February 19th (anyone who would like to help with anything - give us a call or reply to the totblogs email). Can you hear the disco music?

In the mean time here are some pictures to help everyone catch up. We had a wonderful Christmas and some pictures to verify that Atlanta had more snow in January than New York City!

click here for Christmas 2007

click here for snow in Atlanta