Saturday, August 27, 2005

Big Wheel Varooom!!

We all went to a parking lot with a slight incline to test out the Big Wheel and as you can see the experiment was well recieved. Nathaniel had a blast zipping down the parking lot some times peddling some times letting gravity take over and all the time using the curb as a stopping point! (thump!!!)

I'm on top of the world!!!

Can you see the speed demon in the background? Zipppp!!!! We have some great video!!! Ben enjoyed the trip as well although he did seem a bit envious at times...

and a bit sarcastic too. What could he be thinking here?

This is still frame from the video we took and is the only shot we got with both of them together. Ben sits idle, fascinated with his revolving yellow pedals, as Nathaniel flies away with a big grin. In between trying to eat sticks and cigarette butts, Ben watched his brother navigate the entire parking lot. It was a nice Saturday afternoon excursion - hope you enjoyed it too.