Saturday, July 30, 2005

Biker Boys!!!

We had a visit from Uncle Jeff on his new bike and it was a blast! The boys really enjoyed getting on the bike and hearing the loud engine roar. Here is a picture from the Suzuki web site of the 2005 Hayabusa 1300R Limited bike he owns:We have some video which I am working on that has the boys sitting on the bike with Uncle Jeff showing them where the controls are and revving the engine. I will add the video later. After Jeff arrived he (on his bike) with Janice and the boys (in a car) went to see Jay and Sarah in Chattanooga, TN. Here are some pictures from that trip:

The rest of the pictures are still on my computer at work. I will bring them home on Monday and add them to this collection. Well I best be off to work on the bills while the boys and Janice and napping. Have a great day! -c

Thursday, July 14, 2005

We're Baaaaack!!!

We had a GREAT vacation! We visited both in NY and DC. I hope to get some video links out there for you too see soon but for now here are some pictures from the trip

These are pictures from a visit to Owl's Head Park with Edward, Willow, Chenoa, Chloe, and Gabrielle. They had a number of fountains (video of Ben and a fountain to come soon!). It was a lot of fun!!! We stayed with the Cox's for the first week of our vacation.

This was a trip that Janice made to see Tina and Elsa. All the ladies went and had a ladies lunch. As for me and the boys we were at Grandma's cabin enjoying the day.
Janice , the boys, grandma, grandpa and I all went on a boat trip around Speculator. No sharks to be found anywhere although I think I spotted the Loch ness monster.

We did make a quick trip to the beach. It was a lot of fun although Ben spent most of his time heading for the exit! He decided he did not want to deal with anything that would push him around sooo much with each passing wave. Nathaniel just wanted to dig in the dirt.
We had a birthday celebration for Janice and took a GREAT NUMBER OF PICTURES as seems to be a family tradition (fortunately we have a digital camera - here is some inside information we have - no joke - more than 10,000 digital pictures on our computer that we have accumulated since 2002) Some of those images are featured below.Thanks to Edward everyone had bug free hair. :)