Saturday, March 11, 2006

Winter Zoo Trip!

Janice, Joelle and the boys all went to the Atlanta Zoo a couple weeks ago. A good friend, Megan, had a pass that allowed both her family and ours in to the park (thanks Megan!). They had fun. I was at a different zoo (work) and was not able to attend the outing. The opportunity came about due an unseasonably warm February day. When the temperature warms up enough the Zoo keepers let all the animals out to play.

Janice (with Megan's help) took some great pictures. She also recorded some video which may be featured here in the future. Nathaniel is quite the tour guide while Ben just wanted to get in with the animals. There is a nice shot of Joelle in this group too - look at those eyes. Joelle's 4 month doctor visit on March 2nd had her at 26 inches long. She could be rather tall. Our little ones are growing up so fast. I am glad we are able to share our memories with you. Enjoy!

"The Flamingos? Yeah, we just saw them. If you go out that way and turn right..."

Wow and I thought I ate a lot of food.

Looking cool!

Around my little finger Daddy. Around my cute little finger.

A picture for Grandma Batdorff.

Does the gorilla's expression say "Ewww. Someone needs a diaper change."

The extraordinary 2 faced Panda Bear.