Friday, June 06, 2008

Working lunch...


Most of you know that my wife holds a very demanding job. She has 4 direct reports and they can be a challenge. Her senior staffer Nathaniel is usually involved in off-site meetings most of the day while the other 3 are working on various projects at the home office with Janice. The other day was interesting. Being a generous manager and knowing in particular that Benjamin had worked very late the night before, she prepared food for a working lunch. Evelyn ordered her usual vitamin enriched finger food, Joelle ordered a protein and berry sandwich on non-toasted wheat while Benjamin ordered the same substituting honey for the berries and requesting the addition of sun-dried grapes. They have quite the discerning tastes. Unfortunately Janice did not specifically ask about preparation. Tired, Benjamin made the assumption his sandwich would be seamless but instead received it in two equal halves. The outrage!

The savaged entrée stared at Benjamin and through red faced tears he stared sorrowfully back hopelessly wishing it to wholeness. He feebly tried to push the two sides together with no real success and then fell in to hysteria. Janice thoughtfully removed the sandwich from the table so he would not have to look at his misshapen meal. The hysteria increased exponentially apparently based on the distance between sandwich and Benjamin. It was at that point Janice had an epiphany. She quickly placed the sandwich back on the table in front of Benjamin, went to the supply cabinet and found some masking tape.

“What are you doing mommy?”

“I am fixing your sandwich Ben!"

"You can’t do that!”

“I just did, Ben.”

“But mommy, I can’t eat the tape!!!”

“Well then take the tape off and eat the sandwich.”

Benjamin slowly and carefully took the tape off and ate his protein, honey, sun-dried grape and wheat bread sandwich, complimented the chef and left the table to resume his daily responsibilities. Joelle sat agape and nonplussed while Evelyn vented her high pitched opinions in the usual indiscernible fashion. Working lunches are always so eventful.