Tuesday, January 20, 2009

deciding to walk

Evelyn has decided to walk. Our boys started walking at 14 months and our girls took their first steps at 18 months. In almost every case they built up to it. Clinging to the couch, the table, chairs and testing quick sets of stumbling steps between islands of furniture ever slowly moving towards walking. In every case but Evelyn. Now she did flirt with the idea once or twice but generally found crawling and climbing most convenient. Then about 2 weeks ago, she stood up and walked from the kitchen to the playroom, a good 20 feet. Not a sailor walk, just off the ship stumbling this way and that, but a solid foot thumping walk.

Each of our children is so very different. It is amazing how genes from the same two people can be mixed in such diverse ways. Soon we will have another unique addition to the family. Who knows maybe they will decide to get up and run. Of course with four other siblings to chase after me I might run too!