Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nathaniel turns 7!!!! WHAT!!??

(click here for the Nathaniel's birthday set of pictures)

Yeah, where did this come from? Nathaniel turned 7 in August. I am not really sure how that happened. He was just born a few days ago right? Wait...that was Joshua...maybe that is where I am getting confused...

Joshua looks like Nathaniel, who looks like Ben, who looks like Joelle, who looks like Evelyn, who looks like.... Oh good grief. You have found us out. Yes, we are actually cloning our children and our 1st successful clone celebrated his 7th year in August. He enjoyed multiple birthday parties.

We celebrated at COTW

We celebrated at home

And we celebrated at Jeepers.

It will always amaze me at how quickly time flies. Now he is 7 and in 7 more years he will be starting high school. Sigh. He had a great time and I will leave it to the pictures to tell the story. Needless to say we had a sugar filled party crazed couple of weeks.