Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ben's Unofficial Official Birthday

We were finally able to have Ben's birthday party. It was a small affair and very nice. Ben specifically requested a Spiderman party for his 3rd birthday (Nathaniel has already put another request in for a Superman birthday in August!). Our boys are so timely with their birthday requests.

Janice found a Spiderman inner tube and a bunch of Spiderman Easter eggs at the dollar store. Suddenly a game was born! Little Spidey heads were flying all over the room and pelting the parents.

We got some great gifts! (thank you everyone!)

Above is Janice's favorite pic from the cake eating and below is mine.

Joelle routinely takes her life and limb in to her own hands having two brothers and this is no exception. It is hard to see but she is actually driving a small car under the pinata. I watched her for a moment and she seemed totally oblivious to swinging bats above her head.

Last year's paper mache pinata was built with layers of the AJC (a good use for it) and was pretty much impregnable. This year we took a different approach and used crepe paper. Where it lacked in steely resolve it made up for in elasticity. Every blow reshaped it but never really broke the surface. We eventually knocked Spidey off of his web and dumped all the goodies.

Later that afternoon we did another birthday celebration (that would be 3 if you are counting - I did not post his Official birthday with just us and the kids).

Nice tongue!

One of the highlights was the Superman toy that shoots little red discs. We promptly lost a disc within minutes of opening the gift. I do have a theory on how it disappeared. I think the couch has a grudge against the boys because of all the abuse it has to go through on a daily basis and it is eating key pieces of various toys. Remember as a kid when you would lay your head against your Grandpa's tummy and could hear all the comotion going on inside. Everytime I lift the couch it is the same effect - I can hear all the captive toys tumble from one side to the other on the inside of the couch.

What a great day! After it was all over we put the house back in order and it was time for bed. The kids fell asleep at the moment their smiling faces found their pillows. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fun!