Monday, May 07, 2007

Dental Ben

Ben had his first visit to the dentist last week. Janice went with him and I stayed home with Joelle and Nathaniel. The visit went very well. He sat back and let the dental hygienist clean his teeth as he quietly watched with intense interest. GOOD JOB BEN! An x-ray of his teeth revealed cavity free teeth like his mommies teeth but they are also BIG like his daddies teeth. Janice has never had a single cavity and I have to check my jaw at the airport metal detector when boarding a plane. I pray all of our kids have her teeth! Speaking of metal - Ben brought a friend to help with the visit. Can you see it?

You can see at the bottom left hand side of the picture that Ben brought a friend.

Here is a close up shot. It is hard to see but that is the Man of Steel. Always good to keep Superman close by when going to the dentist!

All done! Great job BEN!